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Lockout - Tagout

$ 24.95

Who should take this course?
Employers should train ALL workers in the basic concepts of hazardous energy control, including energy isolation, locking and tagging of control devices, verifying de-energization, and clearing danger points before re-energizing equipment. Workers whose duties involve installation, maintenance, service, or repair work should be trained in the detailed control procedures required for their particular equipment. This training should enable workers to identify tasks that might expose them to hazardous energy and the effective methods for its control.

Unit One: Introduction
Unit Two: Injury Prevention
Unit Three: Equipment Shutdown and Isolation
Unit Four: The Procedure of Lock-Out Tag-Out

Time to complete
On average, about 2-3 hours. The course is self paced so you can complete training in more than one sitting - the system will remember the last chapter you completed and start you there the next time you log in. Course duration will depend on the individual participant and their prior knowledge base with the course subject matter.


"This course involved at lot more than I was lead to believe. It was very worth while!"

"Awesoem course. Just the right amount of information!"

"very informative"

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